Did Gloria Steinem recently screw up by insinuating that young women are voting for Bernie because, “That’s where the boys are?”


However, can we please put this in context! (See the end of my rant if you are unfamiliar with her accomplishments).

The reason she is my hero is personal. Gloria Steinem made it okay for woman growing up in my generation to say, “Thanks, but no thanks” to a traditional life of being a wife and mother. I had a smart, accomplished, beautiful role model to look to when navigating a life of non-conformity.

In my day, there were only two: Gloria Steinem and Mary Richards from the Tyler Moore Show. That’s it!

So, if in her eighties, she says a few things that aren’t well thought out, I for one, absolutely can let it go and I urge others to do the same!

When I compare her recent faux pas to things that come out of my 80 year old mother’s mouth, this is pretty tame!

For example, last Thanksgiving dinner after a few glasses of wine, my mother started to openly discuss some of the most mortifying personal details of my youth. I couldn’t stop her! I have no idea what possessed her at that moment to share with our closest friends and family some of the poor choices of my youth. Yes, I went through a brief but troubling “bad boy” phase and I am sure it was traumatizing for her… but to bring it up decades later at Thanksgiving in front of my fiancé….really Mom???

I was completely embarrassed and humiliated, but you know what? I forgave her.
However, It does still makes me cringe every time I think about it.

Back to Gloria:

We need to grow up as a culture and embrace the crazy shit that older people have earned the right to say! She was just pontificating!
We need to allow for discussion that hasn’t yet reached a conclusion. If she would have just said, “Is it possible that young women may be voting for Bernie because he’s the cooler choice?” This comment would have been perfectly acceptable and an intelligent insightful discussion would have followed. Sadly, we are in such a “gotcha” mode that even our heroes and heroines are not immune to this ridiculous scrutiny.

I say… “Let it go!”
Biggest Accomplishments

• Co-founder of New York Magazine in 1968, where she was a city-political columnist. The new York Magazine talks about life, culture, politics, and the style of New York city

• Co-Founder of the National Women’s PolItical Caucus(NWPC). This Organization is to help more females get into political office. Also to help the movement for women rights.

• The Co-Founder and Editor of Ms. Magazine in 1972. The first issue was printed in January 1972. It’s know for Feminist Stands.

• Gloria Steinem wrote the book, Revolution From within: a book about self-esteem in 1992. This book is about how self-esteem is an important part of life, and when you have none life can be hard at times.

• In 1993, Gloria Steinem was inducted into the Woman’s Hall of Fame


2 thoughts on “BACK OFF OF MY HERO!

  1. Yes but in saying that she hirt Hillary’s campaign, which is fine with me. Right after that, Madeleine Allbright said there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women. Do you see where I am going with this? They are both Hillary supporters and it is as if they want to humiliate women into voting for her. That coupled with Hillary playing the woman card so much does not help her at all.


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